Unique Design

IIMO has been designed to turn heads! Its innovative design makes it unique.

Its original design is widely recognised and has been awarded with the Best Kids Product Award in 2010.

IIMO combines a retro look with contemporary cool colours, making it very appealing.

Designed especifically for little and big explorers! Its robust design and high quality materials will ensure an experience both you and your child enjoy.

Go out, have fun...Discover the world!
IIMO-Tricycle-Gentle White 5

Smooth Ride

Whether you are to the shops or the park, IIMO is an ideal solution.

IIMO ensures the smoothest of rides thanks to its wheels.

Excellent shock absorption wheels and one-handed steering control mechanism guarantee smoth maneuverability everywhere you want to go.

IIMO is also provided with a Pedal Free Mechanism to prevent your child´s feet from getting trapped when they can´t ride the tricycle by themselves.

A smooth ride for urban life!
IIMO-Tricycle-Gentle White 3

Extra Comfort

Their comfort always comes first.

IIMO is provided with a soft and ergonomic saddle to make sure your child experiences the ride in comfort.

IIMO is also equipped with a foldable footrest to make the rides even more comfortable. Pull it out to support your child´s feet on the ride when they are not on the mood or tired and pull it back when your child is ready to ride the tricycle.

You put their needs first, but your comfort is also important. This is guarantee with IIMO´s adjustablepush handle, that can be adapted to your height and makes it easy to control the tricycle with one hand.

Enjoy the experience of a comfortable ride!
IIMO-Tricycle-Gentle White 2


Having them to take care of is enough for parents to worry about and at IIMO we have worked hard to consider this requirement a top priority.

IIMO tricycle complies the European Standard EN-71 safety requirements.

Designed especifically for being secure, IIMO is provided with a soft safety bar which is easy to open and close, making it easy to access your child and preventing them from falling when they are too small to ride the tricycle.

Security is also guarantee with the Pedal Free Mechanism on the front wheel, to avoid your child´s feet from being trapped by the pedals and with the easily accessible back wheel locker, to firmly stop the tricycle when you are not ready to continue the ride.

A tricycle has never been more secure!
IIMO-Tricycle-Gentle White 4

Extraordinary value

Generation after generation can explore the world from one single IIMO.

IIMO has been designed for day to day life and built to last for years.

This is the reason we only use high quality durable materials and also the reason we have designed IIMO for your child´s different growing stages.

Life is an adventure and it starts with IIMO!

IIMO is an evolutive tricycle: Growing with your child in just a few steps

Because time flies and they grow up fast we have designed a tricycle that can be adapted to your kid´s age and skills. Choose whatever combination meets your child´s needs.

  • Stage 1: 12-18 months

    In this stage we highly recommend to keep all security elements: Security Arch/Bar, Push Handle and Footrest.

  • Stage 2: 18-24 months

    In this stage probably your child would like to get up and down from the tricycle without your help. You can remove the Security Arch for this purpose.

  • Stage 3: From 24 months

    In this stage your child can be ready to ride the tricycle by themselves. You can then take out all the security elements and fold the footrest.

  • Specifications

    1. Soft Safety Bar. Easy to open and close (Removable).

    2. Height adjustable Push Handle. One hand steering control (Removable).

    3. Ergonomic and soft Saddle. For a comfortable ride.

    4. Back Basket. Extra capacity.

    5. Back wheel Foot Locker. Easy to access, easy to stop.

    6. Foldable Foot Rest. Supports child´s feet during ride.

    7. Pedal Free System. Prevents child´s feet from being trapped.

    8. Excellent shock absorption wheels. Smooth maneuverability.

    9. Front Basket. Easy access to toys.

    10. Easy to move handle bar and soft air horn.